Take your hand and place it over your heart and say with me, “Jesus took sickness off of my body, off of my mind, out of my blood, and from my heart.”


If you need healing in a part of your body, say that part out loud right now in prayer, affirming the Word of God that Jesus already paid the price and already took those things upon Himself. When He died, your sins and mine went to the grave with Him. But they did not rise again with Him! They went down, but they didn’t come up!


Put your hand on your heart again and declare, “Healing is mine because Jesus paid for it! God wants me well, able to accomplish every purpose He put me on this earth to do. I take authority over sickness, disease, pain, and suffering, and I declare war on them in the power and authority of Jesus’ name! They must go! I draw a line in the sand against the enemy. He is a liar, and he must get off my body, out of my family, and away from my purpose! In the authority of Jesus’ name, I am the healed of the Lord, and as of this moment I begin walking in the healing Jesus bought and paid for!”


If Jesus took our sickness, then it’s gone. Anything else is a lie, because it has no right to stay on you. Jesus took stripes for your healing, and walking in it is your divine right as a blood-bought child of the living God! The devil may have gotten by with putting sickness on you in the past, but it’s time to retake the territory he has stolen.


The Bible shows us God’s heart is to heal, and Jesus demonstrated that fully as He walked the earth. But then He left us His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of power, as well as the authority of Jesus’ name that we would never again be subject to the sickness and death of this world. They’re defeated foes, and this battle we are in is not to win the war—it’s to enforce the victory Jesus already won!


“Back pain, I bind you in Jesus’ name. I speak healing over you! I speak healing to every cell, every fiber, every joint, every organ, from my bones to my blood to my immune system. Every sickness and disease, I bridle you. Body, be healthy and be strong!”


Speak of the promises on your life, read the healing Scriptures—out loud! When you take your medicine, pray over it as you do your meals. Speak blessings over it, that it will work with your body and not against it, that it will not cause side effects, and that it will do its intended function. Pray over your body, that its right state of healthiness will take over for that medicine and divine health and healing will make it unnecessary.


"He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!"


Kunneman, Brenda. War On Sickness: Victory Through Divine Healing